Monday, January 8, 2018

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 11

Kingdom Death
Artemis, Apollo, Hephaestus, and Athena II leave Olympus to search for an adult (level 2) screaming antelope. Artemis wears a full set of rawhide armor and is armed with the catgut bow and a special claw head arrow. Apollo also wears full rawhide armor and wields the scrap sword, with bone darts for ranged backup. Hephaestus wears only a cloth around his waist and a screaming horn helmet over his cat eye circlet. He carries both the butcher cleaver and the bone axe (as a backup, in case he chickens out of wielding the sentient cleaver). Athena II wears a screaming skirt, coat, and braces, along with the skull helm (the skull of the late Ares), and carries the counterweighted axe.

Immediately after departing, the hunters find evidence of a mass migration of antelopes (monster is moved 3 spaces away from the survivors). There is no trace of any remaining antelope populations anywhere they have found them before, and they resign themselves to a potentially long hunt. As they range farther from their settlement, suddenly the ground begins to shift beneath their feet, before rising into the air beneath them! The survivors find themselves on the back of a gigantic creature. They all hang on like their lives depend on it (which they very well may) as the massive creature begins to move. In a stroke of amazing luck, or perhaps destiny, the giant carries them to a far off plain full of grazing antelopes.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire painted core set

I have finished painting my Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire core set. I didn't paint any of the bases because I intend to base them on some clear acrylic bases once I get some that are the right size. The base size doesn't matter at all for Shadespire, but I might someday use these in Age of Sigmar so I figured I should use the standard base sizes for the models (though base size doesn't technically matter there either).

This was my first time painting any Stormcast or any Khorne models. Let me know what you think of the results.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Age of Sigmar battle report: Deathrattle vs Stormcast Eternals

I finally managed to get in a game of Age of Sigmar at the local gaming store. We played to 1250 points. I used mostly Deathrattle, though officially it was Grand Alliance Death, since I took a wraith, which can't be taken as allies to Deathrattle. I faced off against Stormcast Eternals, which obviously I know nothing about.The battleplan was Duality of Death from the General's Compendium 2017. There were two objectives on the table between the two armies. Only a leader could capture an objective by moving within 3" of it. As long as that leader stayed within 3", they would hold the objective, and at the end of their turns get a number of victory points equal to the number of turns they had held the objective for (and also heal that number of wounds).

My army was two units of 40 Skeletons each, one unit of 20 Grave Guard, a Necromancer, a Wraith, and a Wight King as my general. I also had a summoning pool of 80 points intended for use summoning a Banshee. The Necromancer and one unit of Skeletons would try to prevent the enemy from holding the objective on my right, while the rest of my army tried to capture and hold the objective on my left.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Warlord Games plastic Soviet Infantry painted for Winter War

Back when I pre-ordered my copy of the 2nd edition Bolt Action rule book, Warlord Games were giving away a free box of infantry with pre-orders. Unfortunately the Winter Soviet Infantry weren't an option, so I went with the regular Soviet Infantry box. I figured, given the supply difficulties the Soviets had at the start of the Winter War, it would be fine to have a couple units in the army without greatcoats. A lot of the options in the box aren't useful for a Winter War force, but I tried to get the most I could out of it, mixing in some extra heads I had from the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter.

What I ended up with is three units. I made one unit of 12 in padded jackets and helmets, including a light machine gun. I made one unit of twelve in caps, a few with molotov cocktails. This will act as the "free" unit of green infantry with anti-tank grenades allowed in the Soviet army list. I also made one unit of NKVD border guard with three sub-machine guns. Have a look at the results below and let me know what you think.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Kingdom Death Monster - Olympus Year 10

Kingdom Death
A single King's Man is spotted approaching the outskirts of Olympus. The settlement's inhabitants remember when a group of these monsters came and executed Ares, with no reason or explanation. This time, they would not stand idly by and allow the armored stranger into Olympus. And they would do their best to avenge brave Ares.

Icarus, Helen, Hades, and Hera quickly put on armor and grab weapons. Icarus, the red savior, carries a cat gut bow and claw head arrow, but has only some cloth and a screaming horn helmet to protect him. Helen, the green savoir, carries the powerful counterweighted axe and wears a screaming coat,skirt, and bracers, along with a skull helm. Hades carries the butcher's cleaver and a one axe, and wears a full suit of rawhide armor and a cat eye circlet. Hera wields the scrap sword and also wears a full suit of rawhide armor. The prepare the best the can to confront the menacing figure of the King's Man.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Kingdom Death Screaming Antelope Armor Survivors

Kingdom Death
I have now finished magnetizing and painting the Antelope Armor Survivors from the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. This was an easy and straight-forward kit to magnetize. Everything fit together well. There aren't a lot of antelope weapons, so I included some of the White Lion weapons in these pictures. As for the painting, I just painted most of it the same way as I painted the fur on my Screaming Antelope. I suppose there isn't much else to say about them. Have a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Kingdom Death White Lion Armor Survivors

Kingdom Death
I've finished magnetizing and painting the Lion armor kit from the Kingdom Death: Monster core game. This set presented some interesting challenges when it came to the magnetizing. The first was the inclusion of a bow. I used some of the empty hands to hold the quiver and the two different kinds of arrows for use with the bows, rather than attach the quiver to a body. I think this works pretty well, though not all of the arm positions are really suited for a bow wielder.

Another issue I had is that the big collars make it impossible to fit many of the heads on these bodies. The major issue, however, is those little claws at the wrists of all the arms. They make it very difficult to fit some of the weapons, and this is compounded by some of the weapon hands being awkwardly positioned and difficult to make look natural to begin with (such as the cat fang knife and the katars). In retrospect, I should have just cut those little claws off at least half the models so I would have at least one male and one female who could hold pretty much any weapon without them getting in the way. Honestly, I may eventually go back and cut them off (maybe all of them) and just touch up the paint job. It would probably be worth it.

The painting on these was pretty straight forward. I just tried to paint them pretty much how I painted my White Lion. I tried to make sure there was enough difference between the flesh color of the survivors and the color of the lion skin so that they stood out from each other. I gave the one head orange hair because I thought he looked like Lion-O from Thundercats.

Unlike the other armor kits, this one came with five sets of body/legs. Two of the pairs of female legs were identical, so one of them I posed leaning way forward to make look different from the other one. The problem with that is that her head is facing down and she's not looking where she's running. I wish I had thought of that before hand and put the magnet in at a different angle to have her looking straight ahead.